Inventory Services for Stocks (Merchandise)

Retail or logistic companies invest significant amounts of money in stocks that make them available in their own stores, warehouses and locations, allowing them to better meet market demand. A proper reflection of their stocks in the ERP’s is essential to enable a proper SKU replenishment, but also to minimize the losses caused by bad administration or fraud.

Outsourcing stock inventory is a service that addresses retailers and logistics and distribution companies and enables them to achieve significant benefits by subcontracting inventory activities carried out at their locations to a specialized company. Inventory services is a modern product available on demand in any location in Romania and Balkan area.

When do you need to outsource stock inventory services?
How do the suppliers' teams identify the products?
How do you make sure you perform inventory for all the products or do not scan the same products several times?
Is it necessary to discontinue the economic activity for undertaking an inventory?
How much does inventory services cost?
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