Retail Audit

Retail Audit is a modern tool available for production or distribution companies active in the FMCG, pharmaceutical industry and consumer products, operating through modern retail channels, allowing their managers to receive real-time information about market KPI’s.

In short, retail audit provides customized information gathered from a selected set / sample of points of sale from the market, according to the interests and needs of each organization. Such information may be:

  • Stocks of products for sale from a particular brand / SKU / variant
  • Prices of own products or competition products
  • The number of product facing on the shelf
  • Existing promotions at that outlet for own or competing products
  • Actual traffic in that location
  • Other relevant information gathered in the field

Who needs retail audit services?
How does this work?
How long it takes until I can receive the data collected from the field?
How much do these services cost?
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